My love for photography goes all the way back to my first Polaroid. I still remember my amazement when the film would slide out of the front of the camera and watching the photo slowly coming to life. I now use a Canon full frame camera and a Canon AE-1 Program that uses 35mm film, That I use primarily for family pictures because the importance of having pictures that you can hold mean so much more.  I tend to be more creative with my images.

I am a married to the loveliest subject I have photographed yet, my wife Judy.  Together we have three beautiful children- Clay, Lilly, and Carter.  My family not only provides great subjects, they also are great when experimenting with new forms and presentations. I am a United States Marine veteran and spent several years traveling the world and experiencing many cultures. I now reside in upstate New York and in addition to being a Professional Photographer, I'm also an Air Traffic Controller.